"Look at my flowers: there's rosemary - that's for remembrance; pray, love, remember" 

           -Ophilia in Hamlet, William Shakespeare (1609)

ROMY is short for rosemary. In plant folklore, rosemary is a symbol of remembrance and fidelity. There is also an old belief that rosemary makes people merry: in Richard Banckes' Grete Herbal of 1528, we read: "... take the flowers and make a powder thereof and bynde it to the ryfgt arm in a linen clothe, and it shall thee bryght and mery." People carried it around in amulets against melancholy. It is stil widely used as a crucial ingredient in herbology and cosmetics where it is considered to cure migranes and anxiety and keep hair and skin youthful. 


This symbolism forms the base of our agency: through prescribing rosemary, we hope to emit remembrance, fidelity and the merry. As a graphic design agency, we strive to incorporate the past and environmental awareness into our projects. We offer advice on how to translate the content of our client's projects visually. In many cases, we are not only executors, but also offer guidance in shaping our client's ideas.