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On average, the hottest country in the world, [the average ...

Environment column [eliminate the difference] Does not climate is quite stable even in the spring this year. It was also news Nante snow fell in the month in Hokkaido. On the other hand, Okinawa temperature of about spend with short sleeves from early. In announcing the data of the Japan Meteorological Agency is still Hokkaido is low is the best average temperature, the average temperature is as high Okinawa is the best. In, where the hot best in the world, and where do you cold for you the most? Middle East and Africa is still hot! To climate information Division of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), I tried to listen to the best 0 of the location was as low as higher was the location of the average temperature of 0 fiscal year of the world. For the location of the examination of temperature, The point where the average year value exists Monthly (times), the point where there was a sending of data At the point is, is the ranking in terms of calculating the annual average temperature, and is the. First of all higher was from the area of ​​the average temperature of 2.

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