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Persian Gulf alarm bell is nonviable to experts in heat wave

Environment column [eliminate the difference] If all goes New York (CNNMoney) global warming remains this, the Middle East in the Persian Gulf region might be hit by a heat wave as not alive any person -. Experts of climate change has warned so in a paper published in the scientific journal Nature. Paper atmosphere climate Institute of Christopher Cher Mr. announcement in Switzerland Zurich. [If you follow if climate change remains this, combine the height of the temperature and humidity, only the Persian Gulf near to one of the century might be to harsh environments that do not stand the man] to expect. He said, to rise to a level where the temperature can not withstand in the Kuwait City, there is a possibility that the health of people than I thought is threatened so far. That there is also a fear of falling into such a situation during this century. In this connection published a paper about the researchers also climate change in the US Loyola Marymount University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kuwait City and the United Arab Emirates Al Ain, in Doha, Qatar, the temperature is more than the maximum of 0 degrees past It was predicted that there is a possibility.

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