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It may become impossible to survive in the Middle East? ? ?

Environment column [eliminate the difference] News that does not help but think that is progressing global warming have jumped. It was recorded Celsius in the World Meteorological Organization WMO announced on the day [Kuwait northern Mitoriba? ? ? ? That is news. If it is not erroneous measurement it is likely to be recognized as a market best temperature in the world. Let's wait for the future of verification. However, I feel like it is often the recent heat record is updated. The month is observed Celsius to be the Indian all-time high temperature, temperature is high 0.5 degrees Celsius than the temperature of the 20th century in the month, in the month went up the temperature to Celsius which is a record high in the Arctic Circle. To 0 years was the hottest year, of updating the annual record? But was up to just the other day the site an article that, the earth continues to update the record of the most hot month in consecutive months.

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