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The end of this century, research half of the year in the Middle ...

Environment column [eliminate the difference] Middle East of climate upheaval is expected In the Tel Aviv University, published a study of the changes in climate that may occur at the end of this century to the [International Jounal of Climatology]. According to the report, during the summer in 00 years in the Middle East spans the months, the time when the rain lowers the temperature of shortening the year on months. Imbalance of this climate, there is a high possibility that a significant impact on the health problems of supply and humanity of water. 00-year study is the starting point of At the end of this century, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, in the Middle East countries such as Turkey, summer is shortened to months in winter and extended to months. To argue this is a Assaf Hochman professor and research team that of Tel Aviv University. The results were derived by comparing the various algorithms and climate models that have been developed in recent years. This study, had already started by Pinhas Alpert professor of the university in 00 years.

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