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Heat and humidity of Japan were compared with the Middle ...

Environment column [eliminate the difference] Summer of Japan will in the eyes of the topic, such as that surprised even Africans there is humidity. Really what about either. And Nagoya on behalf of Japan, a popular city Dubai tried to compare a number in the Middle East. Heat of Japan Summer of Japan in the summer thanks to the ultra-stable Pacific Ocean high pressure belonging to the mid-latitude high pressure zone temperature rises steadily, yet to form an unpleasant summer with humidity moisture Tsu air is blown into the world's leading from the Philippine Sea there. Temperatures rose from Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius, humidity also depends on the location 0 0 position and high. 0 The majority of the country, such as to reach the Celsius and humidity in the climate close to the desert from 0 to 0 is pretty much. (By the way rainforest is extremely temperature is the back-and-forth Celsius not rise. Okinawa even close to it.) Humidity the day Kumagaya of Japan record was recorded Celsius Kumagaya was the average humidity of the day updating the past record of.

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