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Weekend, or heat wave in Europe. The highest temperature is also ...

Environment column [eliminate the difference] Or heat wave is approaching in Europe. Over the weekend, temperatures might break through the highest degrees past. Time of maximum temperature was observed year, in Athens, Greece. However, this summer, especially temperature in Spain and Portugal that heat wave is approaching is rising from Africa. According to the British BBC, there is a possibility that the maximum temperature is updated in European countries. Spain weather station has issued a high temperature alarm. The highest temperature of Spain last year month. Degrees, in the Portugal of Nishitonari there is in 00 years. Cycle of recording. This year, Europe is undergoing a devastating impact in the intense heat. In Sweden the northern part of the Kebnekaise mountain, the altitude is about meters lower melting glaciers that covered the south summit of the domestic highest peak, was also lost laurels of the highest peak.

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