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Zach Japan set limit! Middle East training camp - Japan national ...

Environment column [eliminate the difference] Zach Japan is W Cup Asian final qualifying against Oman (month and day, Muscat) was found to perform the national assembly limited] Middle East training camp just before. Hiromi Hara strengthening technician chairman of the Japan Association () the day, he revealed when he returned from U- Asian Championships tour being held in Iran. Win if W World Cup berth acquisition to take all possible measures to a game that might be checkmate. For Oman match is to be carried out in a friendly match Day of international A matches, prior to the date of the overseas set of confluence game. But, that was able to ahead of schedule J League was supposed of the month 0 days held with the cooperation of the J-League in the mid-week on the same day, the country set is starting in the Middle East on the day following the day of the match. Middle East entering the day has become possible. DF Yasuyuki Konno was being suspended to convene members of the Iraq war of the month and day of the W Cup final qualifying (= G Osaka), be added to the DF Yuzo Kurihara (= Yokohama), Japan set the people.

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