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Persian Gulf region, the possibility of celebrating the survival ...

Environment column [eliminate the difference] A result of global warming, in the Persian Gulf coastal areas, such as Iran Iraq Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates, after the high temperature and high humidity of 0 years, finding that there is a possibility to reach the [limit] to humans was announced. The current climate models, by global warming, the temperature of the part of the regional future, humans suggest that reach into viable limits. But, according to "Nature Climate Change" new papers published recently in the journal, in the Persian Gulf, by the lethal combination of rising and humidity rise in temperature, possible to visit much earlier than had been expected [limit] ever that there is sex. According to the climate science researcher Christoph Scheer, that this area in particular, close to the Dankai, prone to extreme hot and humid climate. The Persian Gulf, because the water is relatively shallow, seems likely to absorb heat than typical cove following the ocean. Jeremy Pal and Erufa Chi Eruta here - is to use a simulation of the resolution km by multiple climate model, to predict the impact of future climate change on the Persian Gulf coast region.

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